Financial Wellness Software To Give Your Employees Peace Of Mind

Give employees more financial freedom with added benefits, including access to earned wages between paychecks.


Support Your Employees When They Need It Most

OnShift Wallet, powered by Payactiv, helps ease the stress of living paycheck to paycheck for many senior care employees. With instant access to earned wages, employees can better manage their expenses and avoid unnecessary fees.

Real-Time Access To Unpaid Wages

Give employees access to their earned wages between paychecks to help them better manage expenses.

Automated Integration

Automated integrations into time & attendance & payroll systems makes it easy to give employees instant access to earned wages.

Financial Flexibility

Make it simple for employees to transfer funds to a bank account, pay bills online, shop on Amazon & start a direct deposit account—all from one place.


The first & only earned wage access provider approved by the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau.


OnShift Wallet Provides Financial Peace Of Mind For Singh Senior Living Staff

“It has been a lifesaver for me. I am very grateful for OnShift Wallet.”

- Nakia Williams, Scheduling Coordinator, Singh Senior Living

Provide Employees A Financial Safety Net

Help employees manage unexpected expenses

  • Wages can be accessed anytime, anywhere from the OnShift mobile app
  • Help employees cover life essentials. 90% of senior care employees cite wages accessed early are used on bill payment, groceries, rent & unexpected expenses
  • Prevent unnecessary fees. 71% of senior care employees cite that using OnShift Wallet has helped them avoid costly overdraft or late fees

Give Employees Financial Flexibility

Promote financial wellness

  • Pay bills online, transfer funds to a bank account or directly deposit funds to The OnShift® Wallet Visa™ Prepaid Card
  • Provide employees free financial counseling & online content dedicated to financial literacy
  • Provide discounts to prescriptions through an RX discount program
  • Employees can easily use earned wages to shop for millions of items on Amazon—no debit or credit card required

Change The Way You Pay

No cost or risk to employers

  • Each transfer of wages is funded by OnShift Wallet
  • Accessed wages are automatically deducted from the employee’s next paycheck
  • Integrates with your current time & attendance & payroll systems—no changes to your current process required

Better Recruitment, Higher Engagement & Lower Turnover

Drive results with a perk that works

  • Access to earned wages between paychecks is a top perk wanted by senior care employees helping improve recruitment, engagement & retention
  • Employees need it. In fact, senior care employees have accessed over $125M+ in early wages 
  • Employees love it. 93% of users would recommend OnShift Wallet to a friend or colleague & 89% of OnShift Wallet users would recommend their workplace to a friend

Supporting Your Employees During COVID-19 & Beyond

Learn the strategies and programs providers are putting in place to better support their employees during these uncertain times and well beyond.


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