The Senior Care Executive's Guide to Staffing Best Practices

Optimize Staff Scheduling and Control Overtime in Long-Term Care & Senior Living

Optimize staff scheduling and control overtime in senior livingWith quality of care, financial performance and employee morale all directly tied to labor management, a focus on staffing can drive a competitive edge.

That's why we have put together a guide on staffing best practices that will allow you to tackle your challenges.

Learn actionable concepts such as:

  • How to identify staffing gaps and manage open shifts or call-offs
  • What to consider when using part-time and per diem staff
  • Why and how you should automate schedule creation
  • How to implement flexible senior care staffing to meet changing demand
  • How to improve staff utilization and control overtime costs

Tackle the staffing challenges in the post-acute care and senior living industries head-on and transform your organization into a top performer--get the guide TODAY!

Download Your Copy Today!

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