Five-Star Staffing Guide (Everything You Need To Know)

According to an analysis from The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS), there is a strong relationship between staffing levels and the quality of resident outcomes. It’s no wonder then that a provider’s Five-Star Staffing rating can have such an impact on not only a community’s reputation for care and service, but their overall Five-Star Quality Rating.

Download our Five-Star Staffing Guide for the latest updates from CMS on all things Five Star Staffing including:

  • An overview of how Five-Star Staffing Ratings are calculated
  • How to avoid common reporting issues & penalties
  • What to look for when auditing your Payroll-Based Journal reporting

Plus, get our Staffing For Success (And Stars) Cheat Sheet with the latest daily workforce management best practices providers need to meet their staffing (and star!) goals.

Download Your Whitepaper!

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