Affordable Care Act Implications for Long-Term Care Providers 

5 Steps to Manage Your Part-Time/Full-Time Employee Mix in Senior Living 

Your mix of part-time and full-time employees and how you manage hours has a significant impact on your coverage, costs and compliance with the ACA. 

Organizations that have a proactive process for filling open shifts head off potential issues before they occur. How does your operation stack up? 

Find out in our staffing and labor management best practices guide, which will help you to: 

  • Prevent part-time workers from “slipping through the cracks” and inadvertently entering full-time status
  • Adopt best practices for your ACA policies and avoid additional costs and unplanned penalties
  • Automate key processes to drive visibility and predictability of employee hours, across your workforce

The benefits stemming from proper staffing are significant, from higher employee and resident satisfaction, to better outcomes--why wait? Get out guide and put these  practices in place TODAY!