5 Keys to Attract & Retain Millennials in Senior Care

How Does Your Organization Attract Millennials?

The millennial generation is the largest generation in US history, yet a recent surveyHow to attract and retain millennials in senior care indicated that only 28% of senior care organizations have adapted their practices to attract and engage millennial workers.

In a talent market challenged by caregiver shortages and high turnover, senior care providers must get things right with the millennial population to be successful.

Read this guide to learn how to evolve your recruiting, engagement and retention strategies to find and develop talent:

  • Understand the preferences of millennials and how they relate to your organization’s operations
  • Uncover modern recruiting practices to attract millennials to senior care
  • Learn engagement strategies to keep your top talent

Download this guide NOW to discover how to win the millennial market over to long-term care and senior living!