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How Southwest Airlines, Zappos and Other Top Brands Attract and Retain the Best Workforce

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What we know: The senior care industry is plagued by a growing workforce shortage and high turnover.

What we don’t know: How to apply the successes that top brands outside of senior have seen in attracting and retaining employees to senior care. Until now…

This report takes a look at 12 innovative approaches organizations like Southwest Airlines, General Electric, Chick-fil-A, REI and JPMorgan Chase are using to recruit, engage and retain frontline staff. You'll learn how:

  • McDonald's is using Snapchat to recruit new employees
  • “In The Wild” interview techniques have helped Zappos hire for the right culture-fit
  • Starbucks is offering employees better work-life balance with flexible scheduling
  • And many more!

Plus - You'll learn how your organization can implement similar strategies to stand out from the competition and become an employer of choice for today's workforce.