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A next-generation time & attendance system built for the senior care industry.

Any Tablet. Any Smartphone. No Timeclocks Required.


Traditional, expensive timeclocks are a thing of the past. See how OnShift Time provides a modern, contactless time & attendance experience that makes punching in is as simple as taking a selfie.

Our next-generation time & attendance software utilizes facial recognition biometric technology to decrease labor costs, improve timecard accuracy & reduce payroll errors—all without the need for outdated, costly timeclocks.

  • Reduce hardware and maintenance costs by eliminating the need for traditional timeclocks
  • Protect your community from COVID-19 with a contactless system & pre-screening questionnaires
  • Streamline payroll processes with real-time insights into punches & timecard approvals
  • Ensure accuracy with facial recognition biometrics, geofencing & 3D microlocations
  • Increase staff satisfaction by providing a modern, mobile experience—staff can punch from a centralized tablet, their mobile device or a combination of both

Learn how the power of OnShift Time + OnShift Schedule provides a best-in-class workforce management solution. Schedule a demo today!

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