How Altercare Reduced Overtime to 1.6% & Saw Staff Satisfaction Skyrocket

Improve Cost Management & Employee Engagement with a Focus on Staff Scheduling

cs004-altercare.jpgWanting to improve quality of care while boosting employee satisfaction, Altercare, a continually growing senior care provider with communities in Michigan and Ohio, turned to OnShift to automate scheduling, control labor costs, increase efficiency and improve staff engagement.

Download the full case study today to learn more about how Altercare is using OnShift to…

  • Proactively schedule, reducing overtime by over 50%
  • Boost employ engagement with OnShift’s easy-to-use scheduling mobile app
  • Improve efficiency by staffing based on census levels

For Altercare, OnShift’s easy-to-use scheduling software is a win-win for the staff and the community!

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