Altercare Has Reduced Overtime to Just 1.6% - Learn How You Can Too!

Improve Cost Management With a Focus on Staff Scheduling

cs004-altercare.jpgFor skilled nursing operators, Altercare, getting staffing right was critical, especially with payroll expenses representing more than 50% of costs.

Altercare used OnShift Software to automate online shift scheduling, reduce overtime and staff to census.

Get the case study and learn how:

  • One facility reduced overtime from 6.6% to just 1% in a six-week period
  • Staffing was adjusted to the correct census levels which improved efficiency
  • Time spent finding replacements for call-offs was greatly minimized 

At Altercare, employees can access their schedule using an app or on desktop. And if they have availability? They can easily select additional shifts – a win-win for employees and the community! 

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